Product of New York is a project I was assigned, as the creative director, to elevate the heritage sportswear brand PONY, aiming to appeal to the fashion minded consumer.

This sub brand of PONY was built off of the foundation of the rich history PONY had developed in the 1970s. I chose to keep a lot of the existing DNA of the sport footwear, redesigning them as high end sneakers. I believe yesterday's sport technology always transitions into today's fashion.

The shoes were made from high end materials and construction methods to covey a hand made approach with every product rather than a manufactured look.  

Given full reign of this brand, I was able to introduce a lot of my own emotion into it. With the brand's title being so bold about its birthplace, I styled the product to be dark and gloomy, yet rich and opulent, mirroring how I felt about the city at the time. Product of New York is the matured brother to PONY, with a dark disposition existing in a dystopian future. 

Product of New York was sold at retail globally. Accounts included Barney's NYC, Collete Paris, and SNEAKERBOY, as well as many boutiques all over the world.

For the official retail launch of the brand, we opened a pop up shop in SOHO, designed like a modern art gallery with the shoes hung on the wall to view, rather than on shelves. 

My personal duties for the brand included: branding, trend development, product design, art direction for all media assets including photo and video, and lastly, a hand in marketing before passing the reigns to the business team.