Product Development

This is a view into my development process.

With everything I do I like to be every hands-on. These photos feature my last trip the Hi-Way / Brimmer development center in Taichung, Taiwan.

During every development trip overseas I would stay working in the factory for about 6 weeks at a time, 6-7 days a week. 

I arrived with the first version of my line art and discuss the intent behind the design directly with the pattern maker.

From there, we would draw out the pattern pieces and I would sit with the sewing staff to make sure I understood everything about to shoe from the inside out.

When I received the first pullover adjustments and measurements would be made, tweaking minute details before returning to the staff to start the prototyping process.

I was involved in every step of the assembly of my final protos, helping with gluing, alignment and prepping for final presentation to bring back to the states.

These development trips mean a lot to me because they allowed me to take the ideas I had on paper and turn them into reality. Directing a staff of developers, pattern makers, sewers and an assembly line, helped me learn to manage deadlines and ensure the highest quality product.